Work in progress:

  • How can AI improve search and matching? Evidence from 59 million personalized job recommendations, with Lena Hensvik and Thomas Le Barbanchon. Latest version
  • Taxation and supplier networks: Evidence from India, with Lucie Gadenne and Tushar Nandi. Latest version
  • How much should we trust observational estimates? Accumulating evidence using randomized controlled trials with imperfect compliance, with David Bernard, Gharad Bryan, Sylvain Chabé-Ferret, Jon de Quidt, and Jasmin Fliegner. Latest version
  • How do women and men search for jobs? with Lena Hensvik and Thomas Le Barbanchon.
  • How do migrants and natives search for jobs? with Marion Brouard, Lena Hensvik and Thomas Le Barbanchon.
  • Cost of Migration for Rural Youth: Experimental Evidence from India, with Apurav Bhatiya, Bhaskar Chakravorty, and Clément Imbert.


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