Work in progress:

  • Gender Differences in Job Search: Trading off Commute Against Wage, with Thomas Le Barbanchon and Alexandra Roulet. Latest version, R&R Quarterly Journal of Economics
  • Ethnic Discrimination on an Online Marketplace of Vacation Rentals, with Morgane Laouenan. Latest version, R&R American Economic Journal, Applied Economics
  • Taxation and Supplier Networks: Evidence from India, with Lucie Gadenne and Tushar Nandi. Latest version
  • Job Search during the COVID-19 Crisis, with Lena Hensvik and Thomas Le Barbanchon. CEPR Discussion Paper
  • Measuring Speech Polarization: Identification and Estimation, with Xavier d’Haultfoeuille and Lucas Girard.
  • How Biased are Observational Methods in Practice? Accumulating Evidence Using Randomised Controlled Trials with Imperfect Compliance, with David Bernard, Gharad Bryan, Sylvain Chabé-Ferret, Jon de Quidt, Greg Fischer, and Jasmin Fliegner


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